Power Systems for AIX - Virtualization I: Implementing Virtualization

Power Systems for AIX - Virtualization I: Implementing Virtualization

  • Introduction to partitioning 
  • Processor Virtualization 
  • Integrated Virtual Ethernet Adapter 
  • Virtual Ethernet Adapter 
  • Virtual I/O Server 
  • Shared Ethernet Adapter 
  • Virtual SCSI Devices 
  • Virtual Network Configuration with Dual VIO Servers 
  • Virtual SCSI Configuration with Dual VIO Servers 
  • Service Management


  • Discuss the advantages or value of PowerVM editions features 
  • Define Micro-Partitioning and Shared Processor LPARs 
  • Discuss the benefits of simultaneous multi-threading 
  • Discuss and configure the Integrated virtual Ethernet (IVE) 
  • Install and configure the Virtual I/O Server 
  • Configure virtual devices, such as Virtual Ethernet, Shared Ethernet, and Virtual SCSI Disks 
  • Define file-backed storage pools and file-backed virtual optical devices 
  • Identify single points of failure in virtualized environments 
  • Configuring multiple VIO servers for high availability 
  • Configure the shared Ethernet adapter failover feature 
  • Configure MPIO in a VIO server's client partition 
  • Construct Advanced virtual networking options 
  • Configure Advanced virtual SCSI options 
  • Managing the Service events, configure Call home 
  • Adding/ exchanging FRU's, FSP failover

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