IBM Security Access Manager 7.0 for Web

IBM Security Access Manager 7.0 for Web

IBM Security Access Manager for Web (formerly IBM Tivoli® Access Manager for e-business) is a scalable and centralized user authentication and authorization and web single sign-on solution. You can use this software to control access to business critical information and resources with centralized, flexible, and scalable access control.

This instructor-led course provides hands-on exercises for corporate Web, client-server, and e-commerce applications. You will learn the skills necessary to install and configure each component, secure a Web infrastructure using WebSEAL, use common auditing to centralize reports, use the network appliance-based security solution for access control and protection from web-based threats, and manage user sessions.

This course is targeted for system administrators, security architects, application programmers, and identity developers who are responsible for maintaining large numbers of users, groups, and access to specific information resources.

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