Gartner: Lost in licensing?

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  • Gartner: Lost in licensing?
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  • Pořadatel: Gartner
  • Místo konání: hotel Andel’s Praha, Stroupežnického 21, Praha 5
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Lost in licensing?  Learn how to cut software spending  without it costing you more!

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     PRAHA - 21th April 2009

With significant pressure on budgets it is critical to optimize IT costs. In this briefing Gartner will highlight IT asset and financial management best practices to help you reduce software cost.  As software is often a large line item on the IT budget we look specifically at how you can best negotiate with some of the strategic suppliers, like Microsoft, IBM, SAP and Oracle.  We point out licensing cost traps and how to avoid them as part of a successful IT cost optimization initiative.

1st Presentation

Stewart Buchanan, Research Director

Measure Twice, Cut Once - IT Cost Optimization with Asset Management

(9:00 - 10:00)

It is a well known IT paradox that unmanaged spending cuts can actually increase costs. Approximately 35 percent of the IT operating budget is directed at supporting investments in hardware and software. These costs cannot be safely optimized without IT Asset Management and Procurement. Spending is only the visible extent of cost. The more dangerous part of all cost is unseen. It is this part of the cost iceberg, below the waterline, that can sink enterprises by tearing into their cash flow.

Key issues:

What is the difference between Spending and Cost: Where do IT Finance, Asset Management and Procurement intersect?
How do I start a software asset management program and how can I make it cash positive?
What will it cost if I do nothing and why can't I plan to spend nothing?

2nd Presentation

Peter Wesche, Research Director

Negotiating With and Managing the Big Four Software Vendors: Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and SAP

(10:45 - 11:45)

This presentation addresses the challenges customers have when negotiating with large software vendors; it focuses specifically on Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and SAP and will recommend negotiating strategies and vendor management tactics for each. For many clients these vendors represent substantial investment requirements and potentially huge savings if contracts are negotiated well; but there are substantial downside costs for those who fail to proactively manage the negotiations. This vendor analysis will provide invaluable insight for negotiators, software asset managers and anyone who will be involved in negotiations with these vendors.

Key issues:

What are the trends in buyer supplier dynamics with major software vendors?
What are the leverage points that can be used in negotiations with these vendors?
Where are the primary areas of unexpected risks in the contract and the key terms and conditions that should be negotiated?


08:30 - 09:00              Registration and Coffee refreshments

09:00 - 10:00             Measure Twice, Cut Once - IT Cost Optimization with Asset Management - Stewart Buchanan, Research Director

10:00 - 10:45              Coffee Break

10:45 - 11:45              Negotiating With and Managing the Big Four Software Vendors: Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and SAP - Peter Wesche, Research Director




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