Dell Networking Fundamentals 2 – Wireless / HiveManager NG

Dell Networking Fundamentals 2 – Wireless / HiveManager NG

Přijměte pozvání na Dell EMC networking seminář. Přednášejícím je specialista DNS Zbyněk Houska.

Agenda celého dne:

How to Configure

  • Introduction to a Cloud-enabled management for wired and wireless networks
  • The powerful intuitive interface of Dell HiveManager NG
  • Streamlined device and network configuration with task-based policy workflows
  • Centralized network management with unified policy and monitoring for access points and switches (guest Access functionality, centralized view of all configuration objects...)
  • Historical and real-time troubleshooting
  • Customer self-service sign-up
  • Introduction to Switch Management

How to Position

  • Understand how to qualify opportunities
  • Pitch and position Dell HiveManager NG key features to the ‘CIO of Why?’
  • Understand competitive differentiation and articulate the Dell HiveManager NG advantages
  • Questions & answers, feedback

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